Project Description

Maritime container 20/40 FEET OR REFRIGERATOR

Marine container model known as reefer, they are refrigerated containers, either 20 or 40 feet, but they have a system of conservation of cold or heat and thermostat. They must be connected in the ship and in the terminal, even in the truck if possible or in an external generator. They operate under three-phase current.

Technical characteristics:

20/40 ft reefer or fridge.pdf
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Container dimensions and Capacity:

Exterior (mt) Exterior (mt) Exterior (mt) Interior (mt) Interior (mt) Interior (mt) Puertas Abiertas Puertas Abiertas Capacidad Capacidad Capacidad Capacidad
Largo Ancho Alto Largo Ancho Alto Alto Ancho Carga Máx. Máx. P.B. Tara Volumen
6,058 2,438 2,896 5,444 2,268 2,272 2,358 2,261 27.400 kg 30.480 kg 3.080 kg 28,10 m3
12,192 2,438 2,8966 11,561 2,280 2,249 2,280 2,205 30.480 kg 26.860 kg 4.800 kg 59,30 m3